Rebekah offers space for students to deepen their understanding of yoga and develop holistic awareness through a blend of asana, pranayama, and meditation.  She welcomes a wide range of abilities with straightforward, traditional sequencing and encourages students to deepen their practice by refining familiar poses.  She is particularly passionate about combining her background in yoga and food studies to help clients design lifestyle wellness plans to bring balance to busy lives.

Studio Classes

All Levels Flow the Riveter CH    Fri 12-12:30

Breath/Meditation  the Riveter CH  Fri 11:30-12

Prenatal Yoga     8 Limbs CH     Sat  10:45-12      

Postnatal Yoga     8 Limbs CH         Sat 12:15-1:30

Rebekah teaches at 8 Limbs Yoga Centers and the Riveter.  Styles offered include Hatha, Hatha Flow, Vinyasa, Prenatal, and Postnatal.

Hatha classes typically consists of held postures and are less "choreographed."

Hatha Flow is a unique style that blends traditional held poses with sequential movements interlinking breath and postures to form a continuous flow (Vinyasa).  Hatha Flow allows for multiple breaths in a single pose, while keeping a strong focus on linking breath to movement. 

Vinayasa style yoga is traditionally fast-paced and heat-building, with one breath per movement throughout the practice.


Private Sessions

by appointment only

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Deepen your practice with one-on-one attention.  Whether it's just you or a small group, our time together will be tailored to your needs.  Focus on reviewing basics, learning a specific pose, proper alignment, Vinyasa Flow patterns, breath, meditation...or even an introduction to yoga!

Prenatal Postnatal

Prenatal Yoga       8 Limbs CH    10:45am-noon       Saturdays 

Postnatal Yoga      8 Limbs CH          12:15-1:30pm  Saturdays

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Studio class times listed.  Individual or small group sessions also available.  Establish a regular yoga practice throughout your pregnancy, learn how to modify common poses or re-establish your practice post-birth.


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Exercise is a core principal of a healthy, productive lifestyle. Moving the body can help calm the mind and energize the body.

The opportunity for yoga at the office mid-day is a beneficial way to relieve stress and revive energy for greater productivity.

Wellness Plans

by appointment

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A design for your unique lifestyle.  Together we'll assess your daily routine and discuss ways you'd like to shift patterns or introduce new elements of wellness.  Based loosely on Ayurveda and interwoven with ideas around food, fitness, breath techniques, meditation, and restorative practice, we'll take a systemic approach to your health and wellbeing.



Lunar New Year Flow                                                    Saturday, February 24, 4-6pm at the Riveter CH  Register here!  

Accessible Ayurveda - Step into Spring                      Wednesday, March 21, 10-11am at the Riveter CH            (check back soon for registration info!)

Partner Prenatal                                                               Sunday, April 22, 1-3pm at 8 Limbs Yoga Studios             (check back soon for registration info!)